Did you miss me?

Sometimes you hit a perfect storm of events.

  1. Personal life gets in the way.
  2. there was actually a 10 day span of work where nothing weird happened at all.


The 2nd point got me thinking. Is there going to be a time when all the stories will just start repeating themselves? How many people will be unique enough in their drunkeness, complaining, self absorbed ways to keep this going in the long term with 1-2 posts per week?

Originally, I didn’t even think a blog was possible because I didn’t even think I could come up with more than 10-12 stories and then things started to steamroll. It was like I hit the jackpot on weird guests. Now, I am in a drought. I have a few stories that we will get to later this week but I want to know from you, the readership, is there anything else you want here?

We have done some Top 5’s and some reviews. Tackled some questions, which I will continue to do. I have talked more than enough on the $20 trick and resort fee headaches. So what should Vegas Hotel Confidential do (WSVCHD)?

I’m open to suggestion

  • news and opinion pieces
  • more top 5’s
  • more reviews
  • happy just waiting for the next story
  • anything else?




Top 5’s – Part 2

I was asked to do some top 5’s. I apologize if I didn’t pick ones that you submitted. Some, I didn’t have answers to. Some I didn’t have a top 5, like top 5 tourist things I still do as a local. I’m a boring kind of guy. I work and spend time with family and friends. I like listening to bands on Fremont and I still like the Bellagio Fountains and driving up the strip but that is about it.

So if you have any other suggestions I will try my best.


Top 5 Restaurants that tourists might not know about.

  1. Le Pho – Some of my favorites are the Ribeye Pho, House Special Bahn Mi and Oxtail Bone Marrow Fried Rice. The prices are reasonable and the food is awesome.
  2. Therapy – Favorites are Chicken and Red Velvet Waffle Slider. The Ricky Ricardo and the Roasted Chicken with Roasted Corn and Pearl Onions. Simply amazing.
  3. The Cracked Egg – I never knew how good breakfast could be until I ate here. The Chile Verde Rancheros, Benedict Ole and the Homemade Corned Beef Hash are fantastic.
  4. Marche Bacchus – A little more expensive than the other entries on the list but well worth it. Red Wine Braised Beef, Veal Medallions and PEI Mussels make my mouth water just thinking about them.
  5. The Oyster Bar @ Texas Station – My only entry that is in a casino. I know there are a lot of Oyster Bars in Vegas but this one has amazing food and some of the best staff I have ever encountered.  Favorite dishes are the Cioppino, Bouillabaisse and the Signature Pan Roast

There are a couple that I thought about putting in but I think Hot and Juicy Crawfish is getting more well known and so is Nacho Daddy and Lotus of Siam. These are right up there if you aren’t familiar with them.


Top 5 Casino Restaurants

Note that these are restaurants that I have eaten at.

  1. Lemongrass – Not only is the food great but I don’t think I have ever experienced better service.
  2. Border Grill – What I wrote about Lemongrass is pretty much the same here. They really know how to treat a person.
  3. Bouchon – I have never had better fish anywhere and I am a tough critic of fish.
  4. Zeffirino – Best pasta I have had and the veal was amazing.
  5. Tender Steak – I am a huge fan of trying new things and I have been able to enjoy wild boar, elk and other game meats here. Also the first place I tried fois gras.

My number one all time restaurant recently closed and that was Andre’s at Monte Carlo. I am definitely going to try Alize at the Palms his other restaurant or his bistro in Summerlin.


I hope you enjoyed the list. More to come in future weeks.


Let’s do some top 5’s

Been a slow week at work with not many memorable stories so let’s do some Vegas Top 5’s.

Note: These are my opinions on places that I have been or things I have done. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.


Top 5 Buffets

  1. Wicked Spoon @ The Cosmopolitan – Is it expensive? Yes, but worth it. A large variety of ethnic food. Very fresh and they have small plates and bowls so your food doesn’t get all mixed together. Some of the most friendly staff I have ever seen.
  2. Bacchanal @ Caesars Palace – Pretty much the same comments at Wicked Spoon but the staff at WS make this one slightly below.
  3. The Buffet @ Aria – The Asian and Mediterranean stations are standouts to me. The staff is decent. The coffee may be the best I have had at a buffet. The carving station is hit and miss.
  4. Carnival World Buffet @ The Rio – A big disclaimer here… This rating is based on if you get the seafood add on. The regular buffet is very average but the added seafood section is fantastic. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, it is definitely a decent buffet but you are going to be very jealous of the people that are eating lobster, stone crab and the many other seafood options.
  5. Le Village Buffet @ Paris Las Vegas – If I was being honest, I probably would put the Wynn buffet here but the top 4 here are all high end, high price buffets. I want to throw in the best of the mid range priced buffets. Great pastries and a charcuterie section that is to die for. Staff is very friendly. One of two buffets, that can make an eggs benedict on a buffet and still have the yoke be runny. That is a hard thing to do and I appreciate it.


Top 5 Poker Rooms

  1. Red Rock – Off the beaten path and mostly locals but the staff is top notch. A friendly atmosphere with great promotions. They offer Omaha and Texas Hold’em in limit and no-limit. Games run steadily for probably 20 hours per day. The tournaments could be structured better.
  2. The Orleans – Another off-strip poker room but they offer a great variety of games. The dealers are very professional and the level of talent makes it a beatable game and hey, isn’t that what you want in a poker game.
  3. Bellagio – Think of a type of poker game that you would like to play in Vegas, this place has it. Omaha, Hold’em, HORSE, Chinese, you can probably even find a stud game and that is rare these days in Vegas. The players can be a bit intense here and the level of talent is high.
  4. Aria – Another great strip poker room. Less choice of games here and the talent is pretty strong, especially as the stakes rise. I am a big fan of their tournaments. The room, like Bellagio and Red Rock is an actual room that is offset from the noise of the casino which is a big plus.
  5. The Venetian – The Venetian used to be my favorite room as a tourist but over the last few years they have downsized and there is less game variety and the dealers seem less friendly than before. The do have some of the best tournaments in Vegas. Great bang for the buck, especially during their Deep Stack Extravaganza that they run a few times per year. Cash games are a tougher go than the tournaments.


Again, thanks for reading. Please spread the word and please leave a comment or share this blog. I can’t know what you want to read here if you don’t give me feedback. Any other suggestions for Top 5’s??