The Newlywed Game

So if you are my age or have the Game Show Network you might be familiar with the show, The Newlywed Game. The concept was to give recently married couples a series of questions about each other. The more correct answers, the more points and if you had the most points you win the game and get a prize. This was usually a vacation package (if I remember correctly). Of course, it was filled with double entendre and couples hitting each other with answer boards when they got the answers wrong.

Recently I had two couples that checked in on their honeymoons.  I will leave it to you to decide who would have won the Newlywed Game had they been on it and who you think had the best chance to actually leave Las Vegas still married.

Couple # 1 – Booked direct with the hotel, booked a mid level suite and parents came in the day before and paid for the room and security deposit. We have noted on the reservation that it is the couple’s honeymoon. Oh, they also booked 2 months in advance.

The Check -in:

A couple approaches the registration desk. They are dressed fairly casual. They are smiling and giggling at each other.

Me: Welcome to Vegas Hotel. Checking in?

Wife: Yes.

Me: Ok, I will need a credit card and your ID.  (they pass their ID) Oh, I see you are here on your honeymoon. Congratulations to you both. I have you booked into a junior suite and everything is paid for so we can get you right into your room. I am sure you have had a crazy day.

Wife: Oh it was so much fun. We got married by Elvis. We didn’t want anything fancy we just wanted to make the whole thing relaxed and have our friends with us. Tonight we are going to see LOVE! I have never been to Vegas and it is so exciting.

Husband: If I could ask, do you have any upgrades available? If not, it’s fine.

Me: Well I do have a suite with a Jacuzzi available but it would be a $40 upgrade each night.

Husband: What do you think, honey?

Wife: That would be so cool, as long as you think we can afford it.

Me: Give me a second to talk to my manager….  Ok, my manager told me to tell you congratulations and he will waive the upgrade fee for one of the nights so you can have both nights for $40.

Wife: Wow, that is so great. Thank you. We will take it.

Me: You are very welcome. Let me get our bellman to help you with your bags and you can start your honeymoon. If you need anything else, just let me know.

Husband: Thanks, man. I appreciate this.

Me: That’s what we do.

Couple #2, booked a week ago through a third party. Booked a standard room. No notification of any special requests or celebration. They are dressed very well.

Husband:  Yeah so, we just got married. What do we get?

Me: Do you have a reservation, sir?

Husband: Yes. (drops his ID and credit card on the counter)

Wife: We got married at the Chapel of the Flowers and we had all these roses…

Husband: He doesn’t want to hear about the wedding, just shut it. I got this.

Me: (to wife) sounds very pretty and congratulations to you.

Husband: Yeah so what do we get, champagne, free meal, an upgrade right?

Me: Well, sir I would be happy to get you a room with a nice view but the only suites we have would be an upcharge.

Husband: Everyone gets something in Vegas. We just got married, dude. Don’t be an asshole.

Wife: Baby, he is just doing his job.

Husband: Did I say I was handling this? Now about the room?

Me: Sir, as I was saying. I would be happy to get you a suite but it will be $40 for a jr suite or $80 for a Jacuzzi suite.

Husband: Listen, I am going to gamble so much that everything is getting comped anyway.

Me: and you can discuss that with a host at the end of your stay but right now that is the cost. I can give you a high floor with a view complimentary of the hotel.

Wife: Baby, lets just pay for the junior. I would be happy with that. I am tired and just want any room.

Husband: No, this desk jockey ain’t hearing what I am saying.

Me: Sir, I do understand but I am telling you what is available tonight for your stay. Now, I also understand you have different expectations but we just can’t meet that tonight. Would you like to upgrade?

Husband: Manager. NOW!

(so the manager talks to the guy. He gets a $20 food credit just to shut him up and he doesn’t get the upgrade… I was going to screw him on the view but I felt bad for his wife.)

Me: Would you like help with your bags?

Husband: and give this place more of my money. Screw that. You already made us late for our dinner.

(he storms off with the keys, she is almost in tears. Oh, and she is dragging the big suitcase trying to catch up with him. I imagine that their dinner was probably at a Denny’s and he would be bitching at the waitress about the quality of his pancakes in the Grand Slam special.)

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So what now…

I really don’t know what to write. I had a blog ready to write last Sunday. I was forming things in my mind and jotting down some notes while at work. Then some hotel guests started coming up to the front desk asking me if I had heard. Did I know anything? Was everything ok? I had no idea. My wife texted me and told me to stay away from Mandalay Bay and come home straight after work. All I knew was there was a shooter and it was not safe.

I spent that night watching the news. Seeing the panic, the sadness, the madness and all in utter shock. 30 minutes turned into hours. Was there one shooter, were there 5 shooters, were they in other hotels, was there a suspicious van outside the Luxor. Even ISIS claimed it was them.

Well, it is now 7 days later. 59 dead, hundreds more injured. I haven’t been able to watch the news for the last 3 days. It just got to be too much. Too many talking heads spouting rumors and thoughts of conspiracies, false ideas, all the whys and hows and maybes. It became too much.

So what now?  Well this is definitely not the time to talk about the drunk girl who forgot what hotel she was in or the guy with no cash but needs a room. There was a time and I hope there will be a time again but it is not today.

A guest talked to me today about how things were 30 years ago. How this was something that you didn’t imagine happening and now it seems how every year things get worse. There are school shootings and club shootings and just a division throughout the country. I am not going to use this blog as a something to spout my views on gun control, race or any of the many other differences that we have that has led to violence. I don’t want the comment section to turn into a war zone. That is not what I am about or this blog. What I can and will do is vent and here it goes.

I love people, I don’t hate people. I dislike some people but I do not hate people. I love Las Vegas and I love my job. I love writing this blog and I love reading the comments you write… but I hate when innocence is hurt. I hate when innocence is lost. I hate that some people feel that justice is served by killing others. I hate that people think that they need to hurt other people. I hate that this man took the lives of so many. I hate that some people are now worried about coming here. I hate that I have let one sick son of a fucking bitch get into my head and into my heart and tore my world up in the last 7 days. I hate that friends and family had to wonder if I was ok. I hate that I had to go on facebook and twitter and declare myself safe. No one should ever have to do that. I hate that guests come in and constantly ask me how I am doing because it is not meant as how are you doing today, it is how are you coping with what happened last Sunday.  I hate that some people are having issues with some of the casinos posting messages welcoming people back to Vegas and wanting them to book  with them. Do they want people to come? Of course they do, they are a business but this isn’t a marketing campaign. This is about rebuilding trust and support for the whole city. I hate that there are stupid people that say if 20,000 fans all had guns that this wouldn’t have happened or would have been stopped sooner because… no!

I have learned one big thing because of this event and I have to say I am grateful. I live in an amazing city. Take away Fremont St, take away the strip, just ignore it for a minute. THIS IS A GREAT CITY and A GREAT COMMUNITY. Our first responders are amazing, our police force stopped a maniac before he could do even more damage. Our doctors and nurses flooded into every hospital whether they were supposed to be there or not. We lost far less than we could. Thank you to all the concert patrons who helped everyone else. Thank you to all the blood donors. We filled our blood banks within hours. Thank you to all the people who have sent in donations, bought shirts and hats and pins. A go fund me page that originally had a goal of $2 million is over $9 millions now.  The motto “Battle Born” is not just words it is an attitude.

I will not let this fucktard beat me. I will be back. I may not be originally from here but I am #BattleBorn and #VegasStrong.

Love to all of you, be strong and thank you for every kind word.



The Guest Complaint Conundrum

As you can imagine I get complaints from guests a few times a shift. Not everyone can be happy with everything. Some are legitimate like “My toilet is clogged”. Some are not so easy to solve, “This is supposed to be the desert, why has it been raining all day?”

Then there are some that you try to solve to help out the guest without upsetting another guest and really don’t get the complaint itself. That takes us to last night.

Some of the most common complaints are noise complaints. Rowdy parties, couples that are having fights, kids running in the halls, etc… In other words, shit is happening and someone is upset that shit is happening. Cue last night.

I get a call at the front desk.

Guest: Yeah, there is a bunch of noise coming from next door and I am trying to get some sleep. Can you do anything about it?

Me: I will do my best to help, sir. Which room is the noise coming from?

(he tells me the room and I look up who is in that room. I immediately recognize the name because I checked the couple in a couple hours ago. It is a couple in their 70’s that are celebrating their wedding anniversary. My immediate reaction is sadness that this couple is fighting and their anniversary is not going well.)

Me: Ok sir, are they fighting or is it a party situation?

Guest: They are having very loud sex and it is keeping me awake!

Me: um… well sir… I am sure that things will quiet down soon.

Guest: It has been going on for an hour!

(at this point I have this smile on my face. I don’t want to send security up to the room. I personally want to bring up champagne and give the couple a standing ovation and a 21 gun salute!)

Me: Sir, would you like to move rooms?

Guest: I am already in bed. So you are not going to tell them to stop?

Me: Sir, I… um… you understand that this is a delicate situation. I am sorry that you are having problems sleeping. I will see what I can do.

Guest: Thank you, that is all I am asking!

(I did absolutely nothing. The guest never called down again so I am assuming things quieted down next door. I am glad that the anniversary couple had a great night but I don’t think I will ever look at that couple again without a ridiculous smile on my face.)


Thanks again for all the comments and likes. I am truly flabbergasted with this response.

I am working on putting together an entry on issues that guests have with front desk employees and the check in/out process that you have experienced. Good and bad.

I think it will be an interesting dialogue and it will probably help me in my own job which is something I am always striving for.

Please comment below or send me an e-mail or twitter response and I will compile everything over the next week or so.

…and that is why I do my job!

There are a lot of reasons why people do the job that they do. I want to make people smile. I want their day to be better because they interacted with me.  I hope that most of the time, that is what happens.

Last night was Cinco de Mayo and with holidays like that and St. Patrick’s Day you tend to get guests who can be drunk and a little beligerent, Thankfully, last night was not like that (although, apparently, things were different outside as I saw police pulling cars over the whole trip home).

It was near the end of my shift and I had just dealt with a handful of a guest when I met Barry and Star. They walked up to the desk and I greeted them with a smile and said, “I promise that your check in will be smoother that the last one.”  The both looked at me and apologized for how rough I was treated…. wow, a people apologizing to me for how another person treated me. That is a rarity.

So I start the check in process and Star says, “I am so excited!!”

I love an opening like that to start a conversation with the guest while I check them in.

So I ask her why she is so excited.

Well, she has just turned 21 and they have been saving for over a year to come celebrate her birthday in Las Vegas. She goes on how they gave up so many things back home over the last year to make this come true. You can see that these two really love each other. They have all these coupons and discounts saved up. I know at that point I am not getting a tip from these guests but that’s not why I do the job. This couple needs something special.

I look at them and tell them that in all good conscience I can not check them into the room they reserved. They are getting upgraded to a better room class. They ask why and I explain to them that a young couple in Vegas for the first time and the sacrifices they made deserve a special room.

Well, Star is practically in tears, she is so overwhelmed that this is happening. They are offering to buy me a drink. They are saying if you are even in (their home town) we are buying me dinner. I love this. This has made my day. They tell me that I have made their trip so much better than they could imagine and they haven’t even seen the room yet.

… and that is why I do my job.