You can’t always get what you want…

but if you don’t plan ahead, you get what you book.

I am not sure whether it was in my Q&A post or if it was during my conversation with VegasFanboy but I remember saying that if your vacation depends on a certain type of room make sure you book that kind of room. Apparently this guest didn’t get that message.

Guest: I want room type A on a high floor.

Me: Your booking is for room type C and the best I can do right now is a mid level floor. If you need a higher floor it will probably be another hour before those rooms are clean.

Guest: but I always get room type A.

Me: Let me pull up your past reservations…. Yes, it seems that the last 3 times you were here, you booked a type A room twice and the other time you were upgraded to a room type A because we were oversold on room type C. If you want a room type A then you would need to pay a $25 per night upgrade charge.

Guest: but why should I pay an upgrade charge for a room I always get?

Me: because you didn’t book that type of room.

Guest: I am not following you.

(I casually smile, take a deep breath and bang my head against the desk)

Me: You see, when you make a reservation for a room, you select a room type. We reserve that room type for you. If we oversell that room type you can get a free upgrade. Tonight, we have not oversold the room type YOU selected, so unless you pay an upgrade you are in that room.

(so they end up speaking to the manager and I begin to check in the next guest. The manager sides with me and sends them on their way. Of course, at the same time they are leaving the desk, I am giving directions to a room type A room to the couple I am now checking in. They leave the desk and the other guest comes back at me.)

Guest: So how much did they pay for their room?

Me: Ma’am, I am not going to give any information to you about another guest.

Guest: I bet you gave them my room.

Me: Ma’am, it would be impossible for me to give them your room because they booked a different room type than you. A room type that you can have for an upgrade charge or again, by actually booking that type of room.

(she storms off)


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Where did he go wrong?

You know those visual puzzles were they show two very similar pictures were there are differences in the second one and you have to find all the differences?

Today, I am asking you, the readers to count the errors that this guest made throughout their stay.

The Check In Process

(Let’s call the guest AYM for Angry Young Man: sorry, Styx, if I am infringing on a copyright on your song Fooling Yourself)

Me: Welcome to XYZ Hotel. Could I see your identification and credit card, please.

AYM: (Tossing the identification on the counter) I already paid for the room on

Me: Yes sir, but I will still need a credit card for the resort fee and security deposit.

AYM: What is this security deposit? It wasn’t listed on the website.

Me: It is to cover any incidentals during your stay. It will be refunded back to you after you check out if nothing is damaged or charged to your room.

AYM: Yeah, I’m not paying that.

Me: I can’t check you in without paying that. It is a mandatory credit hold.

AYM: It wasn’t listed on my reservation.

Me: Sir, I am sorry but it if you look at your confirmation you will see it listed at the bottom.

AYM: You are really going to stick with this, huh? Well that’s ok, I have lawyers and I will sue you and website,com and next time I am here it will be all comped because I will own part of this place, this is bullshit. (throws credit card on the counter).

Me: Thank you

AYM: It’s bad enough I have had to wait for the last 3 hours to check in. I’ve been here since 11am.

Me: I am sorry about that but check in time actually doesn’t start for another hour but I do have a clean room for you now.

AYM: I don’t care what your check in time is. My reservation is for Tuesday and this is Tuesday.

Me: Here are your keys, sir. Enjoy your stay.

The Stay

(15 minutes after check in, the guest returns to the front desk)

AYM: You gave me a bad key. Only one of the keys work. This is a great inconvenience.

Me: Sorry sir, I will make you another one.

AYM: Is it that hard to make a key for the correct room?

Me: I apologize sir, occasionally we get a bad key. Here is your new key.

AYM: Yeah, I am sure it is a “bad key”

(Yeah, I purposely gave this asshat a bad key because I enjoy him so much.)

(later in the day we get a call to the front desk)

AYM: I called housekeeping 10 minutes ago for another blanket for this icebox you stuck me in and they haven’t brought it yet.

Me: I am sure they are on their way but I will call and make sure there isn’t an issue.

AYM: Is there anyone that actually works in your hotel?

The Check Out

(apparently sometime during the night, AYM called and asked for a late check out and was denied because we needed the room. It is now 3pm and he has been called several times that he needs to check out or he will be charged for another night. AYM, of course, is abusive to the clerk and manager who has been calling the room. Security is called. 15 minutes later, AYM is storming to the front desk followed by security. He wants to talk to the manager because security has manhandled him. He conveniently ignores the fact that he has attempted to punch our security guards, including a female guard.)

Me: (attempting to stall) Yes sir, let me see if the manager is available.

( I look up the notes on the reservation and see that the manager has written on the file about everything that has happened and that the police have actually been called. Luckily, Metro shows up in the lobby just as AYM is starting to get abusive to me. Apparently, he believes that someone entered his room while he was sleeping and stole one of his bags. He seems happy that Metro is here because he can press charges against security and the hotel. I am sure he was surprised when they cuffed him and escorted him out of the building.)


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Did you miss me?

Sometimes you hit a perfect storm of events.

  1. Personal life gets in the way.
  2. there was actually a 10 day span of work where nothing weird happened at all.


The 2nd point got me thinking. Is there going to be a time when all the stories will just start repeating themselves? How many people will be unique enough in their drunkeness, complaining, self absorbed ways to keep this going in the long term with 1-2 posts per week?

Originally, I didn’t even think a blog was possible because I didn’t even think I could come up with more than 10-12 stories and then things started to steamroll. It was like I hit the jackpot on weird guests. Now, I am in a drought. I have a few stories that we will get to later this week but I want to know from you, the readership, is there anything else you want here?

We have done some Top 5’s and some reviews. Tackled some questions, which I will continue to do. I have talked more than enough on the $20 trick and resort fee headaches. So what should Vegas Hotel Confidential do (WSVCHD)?

I’m open to suggestion

  • news and opinion pieces
  • more top 5’s
  • more reviews
  • happy just waiting for the next story
  • anything else?



Rules are rules

I remember having a conversation with a friend a few years back about her 19 year old son wanting to have beer in the house. The son was hoping that as a person who was a little more progressive than his mother that I might persuade her that beer in the house was ok. He asked me if I thought the drinking age should be lowered. I said that it should. It is kind of silly that you can join the army, buy cigarettes and buy a gun but you can’t drink. I mean you could literally die for your country and not be able to have a beer. Silliness. He smiled and said, see he thinks it would be ok. I responded by telling him that I didn’t agree with him. I said the law was wrong but it was still a law and if his mother wanted to enforce that law it was her right to do so. That leads us to tonight’s conversation.



Me: Ok, your room and tax have been prepaid, you just have to put a credit card down for the security hold and resort fee.

Guest: I hate resort fees.

Me: So do I.

Guest: I won’t even use any of this stuff.

Me: I usually don’t either.

Guest : I don’t think there should be a resort fee.

Me: Either do I.

Guest: So you are going to take it off my bill?

Me: No.

Guest: but you said…

Me: Yes, I did. I don’t like them either but the hotel does, I work for the hotel, you are staying at the hotel… so you pay the resort fee.

Guest: What if I refuse?

Me: Then I can’t check you in.

Guest: but I have a reservation.

Me: and that reservation says you need to pay the resort fee, right.

Guest: Well, yeah. So… what are my options?

Me: Um, you pay the resort fee and I check you in or you can cancel the reservation.

Guest: and what if I just stand right here and not allow anyone else to check in.

Me: Well, outside of the other clerks checking people in, I would call security.

Guest: So!

Me: Well, they would ask you to leave.

Guest: They would have to have a lot of them to get me out.

Me: I am not sure how this escalated to this but we could also just call the police if you caused an issue for security because at that point you would be trespassing and then you might get to spend the night in a place without a resort fee. I would just pay the resort fee.

Guest: Fine, charge the stupid fee.

Me: Thank you, sir. Here are your keys.

3…2…1… Rant!

Ok, I know you come here for some sarcasm, some funny stuff and a review or two but sometimes you are going to get a rant. It is just my personality. I get pissed by things just like anyone else and if I don’t spew it out I will probably end up with a permanent tick 🙂 So today you get to read a couple rants.

Credit vs. Debit… there is a difference

Most hotels require a security deposit on either a debit card or a credit card. Sometimes, there is a difference in the amount based on the card and length of stay. The reason for this is that access to funds in case of damage is different based on the card. The debit card is usually charged more because there is more restricted access to funds.

I get this situation a lot. A guest presents a debit card and there isn’t enough money on the card for the deposit. They tell me to run it as a credit card because the card is both a credit and debit card.

No it isn’t.

If your card says debit on it, then it is a debit card. You can only access what is in your account. A credit card has access to a credit line. Please don’t tell me that it will work if I run it as credit. It would only work because the credit hold is lower than the debit deposit.

Now I am going to get real simple here, in case of confusion.

You check into a hotel for 3 nights. Their policy is $100 credit hold or $100 per day deposit on a debit card. You have $200 on your debit card. You don’t have the debit deposit… you do have enough for a credit hold but we can’t run it as a credit because it isn’t a credit card. Yes, if we ran the $100 it would approve but that is because of the $100 amount not that it is also a credit card. A debit card is a debit card, not both.

A little side note. If you book with a wholesaler you have not paid the security deposit or the resort fee. Please don’t argue with me about how you have paid for everything already. They can’t charge you for either because they are only charged if you actually stay at the hotel so that is why you pay at the hotel.

Another side note, when we say it takes 3-10 days for the deposit to go back on your card, we are not holding your money. We release the deposit the day you check out. It goes back to the bank or credit company at that point and they have to release it back to you. That is the delay.


I know there is a big divide in whether you should bring kids to Las Vegas.  I see both sides of the argument. Please don’t tell me that kids don’t belong in Las Vegas, there are plenty of things to do with kids. There are also a lot of activities to not do with kids.

I get really bothered by kids being dragged around at 1am when they are tired and cranky. Kids need sleep, let them get some. Also, Fremont at night with g-string/pastie wearing street performers is not a place for a 7 year old.  Now, I love seeing kids look at the lights of the strip and seeing them on top of the Eiffel Tower. That is cool stuff. There is however one place that they definitely don’t belong… the casino.

There are many reasons to come to Las Vegas but if you are bringing kids, it is not a gambling trip. Do not lock your kids up in the hotel room so you can go gamble. It is selfish and not the right thing to do.

I have seen kids come down to the front desk looking for mommy and daddy because they are hungry or miss them. Not cool. I have seen kids standing over by a gift shop within 20 feet of the parents but the parents aren’t paying attention. They are too busy trying to hit a bonus on a slot machine. I have seen those same kids walk away from the store only to be stopped by security and have to find their parents.

If gambling is your goal in Vegas, don’t take the kids. If you bring the kids and can’t avoid the blackjack table or slot machine then you have a bigger problem than you think. You are an addict and a bad parent. Get help!

I always look for the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt but that goes away fast when dealing with parents. Kids in Vegas are not a problem, the parents of those kids are, when they forget that they are parents.

Problems… you vs. me

It was a great little vacation from work and the blog. I am back and recharged with some good stories. I am hoping to post 2-3 times a week. Thanks again for your support and the comments. Early next week I plan to do a Q & A blog so please leave your questions in the comments.

We are into the summer months in Las Vegas. That means large crowds, high temperatures and guests that are irritated and overheated.

As a hotel clerk, you look at the queue and you can see the easy check-ins and the ones that are going to be a journey. I have just finished an easy check-in and I look towards the line and I see the scowl on a woman’s face. She is next and she is storming towards me. I also need to mention that it is Saturday night and we are sold out.

(she gets to me and stares at me)

Me: Good evening, checking in?

Angry Guest: …

Me: I will need to see your identification and credit card, please.

AG: …

Me: Ma’am, your ID and credit card?

AG: I already have a reservation.

Me: Yes. ma’am but I can’t check you in until I know who you are and how you are paying for the reservation.

AG: (throws her driver’s license down) I already paid for it.

Me: Even if you paid through a wholesaler, you will still need to put down a security deposit and resort fee.

AG: What the hell is a security deposit?

Me: It is just in case of room damage.

AG: I already paid that.

Me: Ma’am, you pay that when you arrive, you only paid the room and tax at this point.

AG: (throws her credit card at me) Whatever!

Me: Ok, I see you have a room with one king bed.

AG: I booked 2 queens.

Me: Do you have a confirmation because the wholesaler sent us a reservation for 1 king.

AG: Well that seems like a you problem not a me problem.

Me: Um, so you don’t have a confirmation of 2 queens?

AG: You have the reservation, you made the error, fix it.

Me: but the room that the wholesaler sent is for a king. If you don’t have something that says two queens I need to give you a king because we are sold out of 2 queens.

AG: I am not sure why you are telling me your problems. I don’t care just give me two queens!

Me: We have no queen rooms available. If you definitely need two queens, perhaps you can call the wholesaler and relocate you.

AG: You were the only hotel available so we have to stay here.

Me: Well… that seems like a you problem and not a me problem… (ok, I didn’t say that but I really wanted to.) Well, ma’am, then I guess that you will need the keys to the king room?

AG: … just give me the keys.

Me: Have a good night, ma’am.

(not sure why she even needed two beds because I never saw anyone with her or after she walked to the elevator but it was a moot point since she booked a king in the first place.)


The Check-In Delay

There are a variety of reasons that a check-in can take longer than expected. Some are the guests fault and some are my fault. Some of them can be avoided and some can’t… and some of them are quite amusing.


The Bachelorette Party arrives. 10 women, 3 rooms and they are all excited to be in Las Vegas. The leader of the pack is at my station checking in all three rooms. Everything is running pretty smoothly. We have gotten 2 of the rooms done. She is asking me about clubs and restaurant suggestions. I am recording each guest’s name because you just know at least one of them is losing their key tonight and will need a replacement one.

I look over to the group of girls and all of them have party tiaras on and are ready for a fun night… except for one. Sticking out like a sore thumb, is, I assume, mother of the bride. She is the only middle aged woman in the group and is not in a good mood. Our eyes lock, I immediately feel a cold chill down my back. She approaches.

MoB: Is everything alright? Why is this taking so long?

Me: Everything is fine. Just having pleasant conversation and getting the last room checked in, Ma’am.

MoB: Your job is to check us in, not have pleasant conversation.

Me: Actually, it is both but I will do my best to finish up soon.

MoB: Please hurry, I need to use the bathroom.

Me: There are restrooms just over to you left, Ma’am.

MoB: I am not using a bathroom used by someone else.

Me: You do realize that other people have used the bathroom in the room you are getting and you are sharing it with 2 other people, right?

(yes, I know there is a difference between a public restroom and a hotel bathroom, but she is in such a hurry and I would have been done with the check-in had she not come over.)

Mob: Just get it done (she storms off and guest apologizes)


A charming woman is checking into the hotel. The room that was preassigned to her is in a “Dirty” status. We are also oversold on this type of room so time to go into the inventory and find an upgrade for her. I engage her with some idle chatter to distract from the fact that this is taking longer than it should. She doesn’t seem to mind but from behind I see the husband approach.

(why is it always the one that has no idea what is going on that needs to have a loud discussion with me… especially when the guest checking in has no issue.)

Hubby: Yo, dude. This seems to be taking a long time. Anyway you can actually speed this up?

(now let me just say that so far the whole process has taken about 3 minutes. Not that long actually)

Me: Well sir, I was just trying to give you and your wife an upgrade but if you would rather I just put you back into the basic room I would be happy to do that.

(wife smacks husband’s arm twice)

Wife: Let the man do his job! Just go sit over there.

Hubby: Yes dear, sorry about that sir, I appreciate what you are doing.

(Hubby walks away)

Wife: I swear that man has no common sense or manners. I apologize, sir.

Me: No need to apologize. It’s all good.

(Hubby comes back)

Hubby: I just want to apologize, sir. I…

Wife: Will you just sit your ass over there while I take care of this. So help me, if he doesn’t give me this upgrade because of this, you are sleeping in the car tonight.

(Hubby walks away again, wife rolls her eyes)

Me: Don’t worry about it. I have you all set up, here are your keys. I hope you have a great vacation.

Wife: Oh. I will have a great vacation… he might not!


The fun never stops!