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Guest questions

We get asked many questions at the front desk. Most of them are fairly common questions.

  • Where does Uber pick up?
  • Where is the fitness center?
  • Is there a password for the internet?

We get asked them everyday and the answers are easy. Sometimes we get questions that are either hard to answer, the answer is not well received or understood or we have to ask them to repeat the question.

What time can I get for late check out?

Our late check out is time is noon

Twelve noon?

Yes, Twelve noon (as apposed to eleven noon or one noon).

When is the end of the day?

Um, midnight.

No, not the day day but you know the time the day resets.

(now what I eventually figured out was that he was asking what the gambling day at our casino was, when points reset. Most people don’t realize that the casino and hotel are separate entities.)

Do I have to check out at 11 or can I check out earlier?

No you can check out at anytime before 11.

(could you imagine the scene at the front desk if everyone was forced to check out at the same time.)

I’m arriving late tonight, do you have a restaurant open at midnight?

Yes, we have a 24 hour restaurant on site.

Just in case, we are running late will it still be open later?

Yes it will be.

(unless there is a 25 hour day coming up then it will be closed for an hour)

I need to check out at 4am will someone be here at the desk?

We are open 24 hours a day.

Right, but will someone be here at 4am, I don’t want to have to wait.


(he must have been having dinner with the other guy that thinks there are 25 hours in the day.)


I had a couple readers send me some questions that may be of interest to others so I figured I would throw them in here.

-Things to do before the check-in? (Player cards? Idk…?)

If you are here on a comp, they may want to see your players card or at least need the number on the card. Outside of that, have your ID, credit card and confirmation number handy. Oh, a few days ahead of schedule (if you haven’t gotten a confirmation e-mail, I would call the hotel to confirm).
-Your take on early/late check-in fees

There are a lot of times, we can’t control early check ins, I am not a fan of fees in general, if you get there and the room is ready, I say check you into the room. As for late check outs, an hour, maybe two is not a huge deal unless we are sold out and are in a rush to get all the rooms clean. Now if you are talking more than a couple hours, we need to charge something, maybe not the full night rent but a portion. You are overstaying your contracted time and we are being put behind schedule because of this.

– Belldesk/Concierge etiquette

Be polite, be prepared with your questions and your luggage and tip please. Most of these jobs are low paying and they rely on tips. Oh and a message from my bell people. Please don’t come in with a bunch of loose walmart or garbage bags that are bulky and can rip open. It is a pain in the ass to move these bags and have them stay on the cart. Invest in some luggage.
-Negotiating resort fees (like, upgrading to another room in exchange of them reduced or something like that)

Don’t negotiate fees at check in, a lot of hotel clerks don’t have the authority to do that. Spend money at the resort, visit a host and then see what they can do about the fees. Why are we going to comp things to you when we don’t know what your spending habits are. Stick to trying to get a room upgrade.
-When a complaint is something to complain about vs something that don’t need to be reported

If you feel it needs to be mentioned, then mention it. Mentioning it is not a complaint. If it isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, then complain. Did the maid forget to give you towels, call us an let us know. If 5 hours later, you still do not have towels, then complain. I can’t tell you what is important to you, only you can tell me that. If I don’t have a room service menu, I don’t care because I don’t do room service but if there is no ice bucket in the room, you need to get me that ice bucket.

-Can you explain why occasionally the same room is assigned to different people?

This is a pretty simple reason for this. Someone at the desk fucked up. Most of the time, Yes, there can be a system glitch but rarely. Is it the fault of the clerk that checked you in? Most of the time not. Three main reasons.

  • A clerk previously checked the person in a room but did not fully check them in and so the room was never taken out of inventory.
  • A clerk checked you into the wrong reservation and then forgot to switch rooms when the error was found or not found.
  • A clerk checked you into one room but accidentally gave you the wrong keys.

They also asked me if I have done this to anyone. Yes, anyone that spends enough time in the business has done this. I was lucky, I was the same clerk that checked both reservations in so I knew of the mistake before I checked the second person into the same room.  There are three very easy ways to get fired from the front desk. Check people into the wrong room, steal from the hotel and undercharge guests. We are very careful not to do these things because we know the consequences.



5 thoughts on “Guest questions

  1. I am no high roller and I don’t visit Vegas too often. This is not to say I wouldn’t love to get an upgrade or comp. But always feel like a pompous ass when asking for these things. How should I go about doing this? I guess, more so, asking about comps when checking out?


    • Do some research and find out about the rooms in the hotel. Book the room you want and then if there is something you might want to upgrade to, just ask. You may get it for free. For checkout, go to the promo desk or talk to a host and they can remove charges or reduce something off the bill.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I got this tip from the book, The Frugal Gambler, by Jean Scott. Ask, “Can u check my play/account and let me know what I might qualify for?”, comes across as more polite. I hate asking, too. I usually include a tip/bribe with my request, just to make sure it seems friendly.


  2. Regarding this advice:
    “Spend money at the resort, visit a host and then see what they can do about the fees. ”

    I know the answer will be “it depends” but what level of “spend money at the resort” would get the attention of a host? Seems to me like the types of guests that use hosts are not the same guests that worry about a $30 daily fee.


    • Honestly, it depends on the resort. Spending $1000 a day at a high end strip property might not even get a look from a host but on a downtown property might get you free rooms.

      As for the type of guest that worries about $30 fees. Everyone wants those fees comped. In my experience the lower players are more accepting of those fees because they feel they have no way of getting those fees comped. The higher level players feel that they deserve to have them comped. They feel entitled. Biggest pain in the ass guests can be the big fish in a little pond guests. They know the smaller places want them to stay so they become more demanding. Of course, they don’t realize that most other places wouldn’t even look at their play because it isn’t up to their standards.

      I hear from a lot of guests that try to move to other places and come back because they don’t get the attention they want from the new place. Well, no shit, if you are at a level that you are getting free rooms (bot not food and beverage) at a $70-$100 per night hotel you are not going to get the same at a hotel that charges $150-200 a night. Just the way that if you get full food, beverage and room at the lower end place, you might just get room comp but not food and beverage at the higher end place.


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