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Did you miss me?

Sometimes you hit a perfect storm of events.

  1. Personal life gets in the way.
  2. there was actually a 10 day span of work where nothing weird happened at all.


The 2nd point got me thinking. Is there going to be a time when all the stories will just start repeating themselves? How many people will be unique enough in their drunkeness, complaining, self absorbed ways to keep this going in the long term with 1-2 posts per week?

Originally, I didn’t even think a blog was possible because I didn’t even think I could come up with more than 10-12 stories and then things started to steamroll. It was like I hit the jackpot on weird guests. Now, I am in a drought. I have a few stories that we will get to later this week but I want to know from you, the readership, is there anything else you want here?

We have done some Top 5’s and some reviews. Tackled some questions, which I will continue to do. I have talked more than enough on the $20 trick and resort fee headaches. So what should Vegas Hotel Confidential do (WSVCHD)?

I’m open to suggestion

  • news and opinion pieces
  • more top 5’s
  • more reviews
  • happy just waiting for the next story
  • anything else?




18 thoughts on “WSVHCD?

  1. I love your blog. Lived in Vegas from 1995 – 2015 and worked at several casinos, in Admin /Accounting / and various other offices. Have many horror stories of my own, having dealt with AR and the lovely resort fees ! You do a great job and I look forward to your posts. Miss Vegas. Sometimes ……. LOL …..


  2. I have missed you and the posts. Just the other day I was wondering where you had gone. I don’t read blogs, I’m not a massive fan of reading but I always have this blog emailed over to me so I never miss a post. Thank you for the great blog!

    I’m going to Vegas at the end of August (I know, I’m going to melt!) and as someone who has never been to the US never mind Vegas I like seeing posts about do’s and don’t of Vegas, budget friendly stuff like where you can eat and drink for a fair price. Just general information.

    Saying that, I already enjoy the posts you already do, especially the ones that make me laugh so keep doing what you’re doing.

    Anyways, welcome back and keep it up!


  3. I agree with post above – i go 1-2 times a year and like hearing about recent trends, new things, etc…. keeping up to date on the changes from the last time I went is hard… there are always new “dos and donts” and other cheap places to eat/drink… keep up the good work


  4. You’ll never please everybody, so just write what strikes you as fun to write. All of your proposed topics sound interesting to me, as long as they are sufficiently interesting to *you* to capture your imagination.

    What’s fun for you to write will be fun for us to read.

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  5. I’ve been to Vegas more times than I could count. I’m from Canada but I have this strange love affair with your city. Write what you want I love it all. Thanks for all your hard work.


  6. I’m curious to know what you think the most underrated shows are in Vegas and as a local, what you think the best places to eat are? Do you get asked for recommendations a lot?


  7. It may be corny, but I’d love to hear some good news stories. What works for you? How does your ideal guest behave, as opposed to the drunken entitled ones?

    As a marketer, I’d also love to hear how we can do a better job communicating what the resorts and the city have to offer. What sort of questions do guests ask you about shows, restaurants, recreation etc.?

    Either way, don’t stop blogging 😉


  8. I am happy waiting for the next post. Not repetitive at all. I love your stories and really look forward to them . Lori


    • Most of the time, I don’t know who won because I am a front desk clerk. I always feel sorry for someone who loses. I have had a couple times where people came up to me and gave me money after they won at slots but those tips are usually for the slot attendants or dealers.


  9. I’d love to know how Vegas has changed over the time you’ve been there. How are casinos changing their tactics for bringing in new customers? Is the focus shifting from gambling offers to food and entertainment offers? Do casinos target a specific type of person? Like other industries that are forever expanding and looking to monetise everything, are casinos employing staff with less experience and knowledge because there cheaper or is experience and knowledge still valued?

    I love all your posts and reading them is making me excited for my first visit.


    • I don’t have any in depth details about casino offers and their marketing efforts because the casino and hotel are treated as separate but linked entities. We just house the gamblers.

      I can share that there has been a big shift in looking just at gambling revenue. People coming to Vegas are gambling less and doing other things, like going to clubs, shows and eating more high end. That is part of the reason you are seeing poorer gambling conditions like 6:5 payouts. They need to make more money and that won’t change as long as people keep playing.

      A higher end casino hires high end staff. They spend the money on experienced staff and better training. Don’t expect to move to Vegas and get a dealer or front desk job at Bellagio with limited experience, especially no resort experience. Sure, you might get a housekeeping or security job but if you are customer facing it isn’t going to happen with some rare exceptions.

      That is not to say that the lower end casinos have bad employees and poor customer service, it just means they don’t have the experience yet.


  10. I love your blog. I read it frequently, but this is my first time replying. You do an excellent job with your topics and posts, and I doubt I am alone in using your blog to scratch that Vegas absentee itch we all get from time-to-time. It is entertaining (and disturbing) to read about some of the people you encounter in that wonderful mecca.

    I appreciate your incite and knowledge about the ins and outs of Vegas. Maybe you can share some thoughts about taxi/limo services in Vegas sometime? I’ve read about some scams before. Or a blog about some common Vegas scams that tourists should look out for. Also, I have been to Vegas a couple times, and my friends and I always talk about just sticking to one casino for room and entertainment to save on travel costs, but inevitably end up taxiing all over. Perhaps you can share insight on keeping one casino/hotel as main base of operations vs. going all over?

    Your writing is certainly appreciated, and I hope you get another influx of inspiration!


  11. I eagerly look forward to your blog entries and was disappointed last weekend when I poured my coffee and settled in for a good read. I think that, yes, there are some repetitive incidents at the front desk but there’s always a unique story–if not yours, maybe your co-worker got one. While your stories are entertaining, you also give some great advice and I think that a significant number of people don’t quite understand the relationship between the OTA’s and the hotel. Additionally, there are repetitive queries about security deposits and refunds. Again, people not understanding the time span between the point at which the hotel refunded the guest’s money and it actually gets credited to their account. So, that’s important to talk about every so often. Keep writing. You are good for my soul.


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