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Rules are rules

I remember having a conversation with a friend a few years back about her 19 year old son wanting to have beer in the house. The son was hoping that as a person who was a little more progressive than his mother that I might persuade her that beer in the house was ok. He asked me if I thought the drinking age should be lowered. I said that it should. It is kind of silly that you can join the army, buy cigarettes and buy a gun but you can’t drink. I mean you could literally die for your country and not be able to have a beer. Silliness. He smiled and said, see he thinks it would be ok. I responded by telling him that I didn’t agree with him. I said the law was wrong but it was still a law and if his mother wanted to enforce that law it was her right to do so. That leads us to tonight’s conversation.



Me: Ok, your room and tax have been prepaid, you just have to put a credit card down for the security hold and resort fee.

Guest: I hate resort fees.

Me: So do I.

Guest: I won’t even use any of this stuff.

Me: I usually don’t either.

Guest : I don’t think there should be a resort fee.

Me: Either do I.

Guest: So you are going to take it off my bill?

Me: No.

Guest: but you said…

Me: Yes, I did. I don’t like them either but the hotel does, I work for the hotel, you are staying at the hotel… so you pay the resort fee.

Guest: What if I refuse?

Me: Then I can’t check you in.

Guest: but I have a reservation.

Me: and that reservation says you need to pay the resort fee, right.

Guest: Well, yeah. So… what are my options?

Me: Um, you pay the resort fee and I check you in or you can cancel the reservation.

Guest: and what if I just stand right here and not allow anyone else to check in.

Me: Well, outside of the other clerks checking people in, I would call security.

Guest: So!

Me: Well, they would ask you to leave.

Guest: They would have to have a lot of them to get me out.

Me: I am not sure how this escalated to this but we could also just call the police if you caused an issue for security because at that point you would be trespassing and then you might get to spend the night in a place without a resort fee. I would just pay the resort fee.

Guest: Fine, charge the stupid fee.

Me: Thank you, sir. Here are your keys.


5 thoughts on “Rules are rules

  1. I feel sorry for you guys as the messenger with regards to resort fees. I’m usually comped so don’t pay them but its quite a hit to the hip pocket so I totally understand guests being frustrated

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  2. The resort fees really sting especially because Vegas is my big once a year holiday from Scotland and it costs a fair bit to stay for 10 nights. Then you get hit with 10 nights resort fees. I feel it’s a rip off personally.


  3. Several years ago, there really was value for money when it came to the resort fee at most properties. Then they hiked the prices and cut back on what it included (The bottles of water were one of the first things some properties ditched.) and the value seemed more like a cash grab. Most people have no use for the fitness center, the business center or even making local calls, so those inclusions have zero value. Personally, I think that given people the option to choose what goods and services are included in the resort fee may take some of the sting out of it. Give a list of 10-12 items and let them choose up to five of them. Here’s some examples:

    Two bottles of water a day
    Fitness Center access
    Self Parking
    Late Check Out
    Early Check In
    1 hour a day of computer access in the business center (Not everyone travels with some sort of WiFi enabled device.)
    10% off a single purchase at the sundries shop
    One-time front of line pass to buffet/coffee shop
    In room coffee (This used to be commonplace in Vegas.).
    Free daily newspaper
    One drink a day (up to a certain value) at any casino bar.


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