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Sometimes… I just don’t know.

I always try to come up with some catchy title for my blogs and I thought about this one for a long time. Most of them involved a lot of cursing and finally I realized that sometimes there are no words and there is a time that i just don’t know.


What’s the two things that are needed to check in to a hotel? We need to know how you are going to pay and who you are.

The first one, well that is usually a credit or debit card and occasionally cash. This is the one that usually is a sticking point. People are constantly coming in without a card and having an argument about why they can’t pay cash. Most places allow you to pay for everything except the security deposit with cash. I know of some places in Las Vegas that don’t accept cash at all. Make sure you know before you go. Why don’t we accept cash for a security deposit? What if you cause more damage to the room than the cash deposit? We also have to check the room before you check out if you have a cash deposit. It also can cause issues with balancing our banks. It’s just a pain. If you have a bank account, get a debit card.

The second one, the who are you part, would seem to be the easy one and until the other night, it very rarely was the problem.

Me: Welcome to Hotel Vegas, checking in?

Guest: Yes, I made a reservation on 3rdparty.com, my confirmation number is 1assholeIam.

Me: Ok, I will need a credit card and your ID please.

(guest hands me his debit card and his players card)

Me: Sir, I need your identification.

Guest: I gave you my confirmation number and player’s card.

Me: That is not proper identification. I need a passport or driver’s license. Something state issued with a photo.

Guest: I don’t understand why you need that. I have proof that I have a reservation.

Me: I need to confirm who you are and that the confirmation is yours.

Guest: This is ridiculous, fine, here you are.

(at this time, the guest pulls out 6 different player’s cards from various casinos, his health insurance card, his auto insurance card and his social security card (of course none of them has his picture on it)

Me: Sir, none of these identify you with a picture or are state issued.

Guest: The social security card is government issued, that is better than state issued.

Me: There is no picture.

Guest: I have my fishing license.

Me: Did you have to show an identification to get the fishing license?

Guest: Well yeah.

Me: Ok, can I have that identification?

Guest: Dude, I’m just messing with you, here’s my driver’s license. (pulls it out of his back pocket)

Me: Thank you, sir.

(what’s the cardinal rule of checking in? Don’t piss off the clerk who is assigning your room to you. So let’s see, oh, we preassigned him a high floor with a view? Delete, room change, low floor, dumpster below room, air conditioning unit to the left of room. Save.)

Guest: Just having fun you know. Any upgrades available?

Me: Oh no problem, sir. Unfortunately, we do not have any upgrades available for tonight. I am sure you will be happy with the room you have been assigned.

Guest: Ok, cool thanks.


I am sure he was ok with the room choice and even if he wasn’t, well, I was just having fun you know.


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