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Problems… you vs. me

It was a great little vacation from work and the blog. I am back and recharged with some good stories. I am hoping to post 2-3 times a week. Thanks again for your support and the comments. Early next week I plan to do a Q & A blog so please leave your questions in the comments.

We are into the summer months in Las Vegas. That means large crowds, high temperatures and guests that are irritated and overheated.

As a hotel clerk, you look at the queue and you can see the easy check-ins and the ones that are going to be a journey. I have just finished an easy check-in and I look towards the line and I see the scowl on a woman’s face. She is next and she is storming towards me. I also need to mention that it is Saturday night and we are sold out.

(she gets to me and stares at me)

Me: Good evening, checking in?

Angry Guest: …

Me: I will need to see your identification and credit card, please.

AG: …

Me: Ma’am, your ID and credit card?

AG: I already have a reservation.

Me: Yes. ma’am but I can’t check you in until I know who you are and how you are paying for the reservation.

AG: (throws her driver’s license down) I already paid for it.

Me: Even if you paid through a wholesaler, you will still need to put down a security deposit and resort fee.

AG: What the hell is a security deposit?

Me: It is just in case of room damage.

AG: I already paid that.

Me: Ma’am, you pay that when you arrive, you only paid the room and tax at this point.

AG: (throws her credit card at me) Whatever!

Me: Ok, I see you have a room with one king bed.

AG: I booked 2 queens.

Me: Do you have a confirmation because the wholesaler sent us a reservation for 1 king.

AG: Well that seems like a you problem not a me problem.

Me: Um, so you don’t have a confirmation of 2 queens?

AG: You have the reservation, you made the error, fix it.

Me: but the room that the wholesaler sent is for a king. If you don’t have something that says two queens I need to give you a king because we are sold out of 2 queens.

AG: I am not sure why you are telling me your problems. I don’t care just give me two queens!

Me: We have no queen rooms available. If you definitely need two queens, perhaps you can call the wholesaler and relocate you.

AG: You were the only hotel available so we have to stay here.

Me: Well… that seems like a you problem and not a me problem… (ok, I didn’t say that but I really wanted to.) Well, ma’am, then I guess that you will need the keys to the king room?

AG: … just give me the keys.

Me: Have a good night, ma’am.

(not sure why she even needed two beds because I never saw anyone with her or after she walked to the elevator but it was a moot point since she booked a king in the first place.)



2 thoughts on “Problems… you vs. me

  1. Love your blog…my question…how much harder has it gotten to be you since the advent of the “Third-Party” reservation system? I hate all of them and don’t understand why they are even allowed at some of the better hotels.


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