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The Long Goodbye

On one of my early blogs I talked about trying to tell people that we were sold out and all the interesting responses I got. Well, they just keep on coming. This weekend may have been the best one yet.

It is EDC weekend and like a lot of the hotels we are sold out (maybe we had a couple suites but they were priced very high).  At 10pm, I had two ladies show up to the front desk and ask about a room for the night.

Guest: We are looking for a cheap room for tonight.

Me: Sorry, we are sold out tonight.

Guest: Well, maybe we could afford something a little more expensive.

Me: Ma’am, we are sold out.

Guest: So you have no rooms available?

Me: We are completely sold out.

Guest: Well we have loyalty cards.

Me: We have no rooms.

Guest: What if we went online and booked?

Me: but how would you do that? We don’t have rooms that can be booked.

Guest: They always have rooms online.

Me: Only if there are rooms to be sold and we are sold out.

Guest: Well we will take any room, even if it just has one bed.

Me: Ma’am, we have been sold out all day. There isn’t a single room left with the possible exception of the A Suite and that is going for $XXX

Guest: Could we get that for $50?

Me: Ma’am, our cheapest room before we sold out was going for $XXX tonight.

Guest: So, no rooms?

Me: No rooms.

(and that was the end of it)

(oh wait, no it wasn’t. They returned 15 minutes later)

Guest: We found a room.

Me: Great to hear. Where?

Guest: Here!

Me: Um, do you have the confirmation number or can I see your confirmation?

Guest: They never sent us a confirmation.

Me: Who didn’t?

Guest: The website

Me: What website?

Guest: Oh, it was like Expedia or Hotels.com

Me: So which one?

Guest: Oh, I don’t know, can we check in now?

Me: we are still sold out and if you can’t provide me with a confirmation number or some sort of proof that you have a reservation, I can’t check you in.

(and that was the end)

(of course, they came back 10 minutes later)

Guest: Ok, we have the confirmation now.

(they hand me their phone)

Me: This reservation is for tomorrow, ma’am.

Guest: It is?

Me: Yes, ma’am.

Guest: Can you change it to tonight?

Me: Ma’am we are sold out.

Guest: Well when is check in?

Me: Tomorrow afternoon.

Guest: could we check in early like in a few hours?

Me: Ma’am we are sold out tonight and won’t have rooms available until tomorrow afternoon.

Guest: Oh, ok, well see you tomorrow then.

Me: Ok, goodbye ladies.

(I don’t know where they stayed that night but it took over 30 minutes to finally get them to leave the front desk area.)



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