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No place to go

There are a lot of options to stay in Las Vegas but on a weekend like EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) it can be a tad expensive, if there is availability. Rooms that usually run for $200 are now $500, even the cheaper hotels can be over $150. It is also a great idea to plan ahead. Trying to find a room during the weekend without a reservation can be troublesome, but what if you couldn’t plan ahead.

That brings us to last night. Among the glitter faces, unicorn horns, cat ears, furry boots and other interesting fashion choices was one solitary man dressed in slacks and a dress shirt who approached my station.


Guest: I need a room for the night. Cheapest one you got.

Me: All we have are suites and they are $XXX for the night.

Guest: Nothing cheaper? I’m a local.

(I am not sure why locals think they would get a discount, is that a thing I don’t know about)

Me: We don’t have a local’s discount. I have to ask. You don’t seem intoxicated or unable to drive. Why don’t you just go home if you can’t afford a room?

Guest: Wife kicked me out because I was cheating one her.

Me: Oh, that’s a tough one man.  How about the other girl?

Guest: She found out I was married, dumped me.

Me: Ooooh, double ouch. At least the sex was good, right?

Guest: Not really.

Me: Well buddy, I really don’t know what to tell you now. Lesson learned I guess. So do you want the room?

Guest: I guess, I have the cash for it.

Me: I need a card for the security deposit. We don’t do cash for that. I can take cash for the room.

Guest: Wife blocked all the cards. No cash deposit?

Me: This really isn’t your night, is it?

(saw the guy after my shift drinking at one of the bars. Hope today is a better day for him)


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