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The Check-In Delay

There are a variety of reasons that a check-in can take longer than expected. Some are the guests fault and some are my fault. Some of them can be avoided and some can’t… and some of them are quite amusing.


The Bachelorette Party arrives. 10 women, 3 rooms and they are all excited to be in Las Vegas. The leader of the pack is at my station checking in all three rooms. Everything is running pretty smoothly. We have gotten 2 of the rooms done. She is asking me about clubs and restaurant suggestions. I am recording each guest’s name because you just know at least one of them is losing their key tonight and will need a replacement one.

I look over to the group of girls and all of them have party tiaras on and are ready for a fun night… except for one. Sticking out like a sore thumb, is, I assume, mother of the bride. She is the only middle aged woman in the group and is not in a good mood. Our eyes lock, I immediately feel a cold chill down my back. She approaches.

MoB: Is everything alright? Why is this taking so long?

Me: Everything is fine. Just having pleasant conversation and getting the last room checked in, Ma’am.

MoB: Your job is to check us in, not have pleasant conversation.

Me: Actually, it is both but I will do my best to finish up soon.

MoB: Please hurry, I need to use the bathroom.

Me: There are restrooms just over to you left, Ma’am.

MoB: I am not using a bathroom used by someone else.

Me: You do realize that other people have used the bathroom in the room you are getting and you are sharing it with 2 other people, right?

(yes, I know there is a difference between a public restroom and a hotel bathroom, but she is in such a hurry and I would have been done with the check-in had she not come over.)

Mob: Just get it done (she storms off and guest apologizes)


A charming woman is checking into the hotel. The room that was preassigned to her is in a “Dirty” status. We are also oversold on this type of room so time to go into the inventory and find an upgrade for her. I engage her with some idle chatter to distract from the fact that this is taking longer than it should. She doesn’t seem to mind but from behind I see the husband approach.

(why is it always the one that has no idea what is going on that needs to have a loud discussion with me… especially when the guest checking in has no issue.)

Hubby: Yo, dude. This seems to be taking a long time. Anyway you can actually speed this up?

(now let me just say that so far the whole process has taken about 3 minutes. Not that long actually)

Me: Well sir, I was just trying to give you and your wife an upgrade but if you would rather I just put you back into the basic room I would be happy to do that.

(wife smacks husband’s arm twice)

Wife: Let the man do his job! Just go sit over there.

Hubby: Yes dear, sorry about that sir, I appreciate what you are doing.

(Hubby walks away)

Wife: I swear that man has no common sense or manners. I apologize, sir.

Me: No need to apologize. It’s all good.

(Hubby comes back)

Hubby: I just want to apologize, sir. I…

Wife: Will you just sit your ass over there while I take care of this. So help me, if he doesn’t give me this upgrade because of this, you are sleeping in the car tonight.

(Hubby walks away again, wife rolls her eyes)

Me: Don’t worry about it. I have you all set up, here are your keys. I hope you have a great vacation.

Wife: Oh. I will have a great vacation… he might not!


The fun never stops!


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