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Maybe you need new glasses

You have three basic reactions from a guest when checking them in.

  • They are excited to be here (my personal favorite)
  • They are indifferent to it (It’s Vegas… show some emotion)
  • They are in a bad mood (I am going to try my best to change this)

You change a person’s attitude in various ways. A smile, a joke, some basic verbal interactions. Asking them about their flight, mention that their birthday matches your mother or child just to get some reaction. Anything just to get a crack of a smile or something positive. Then there are the guests that no matter what you try, it doesn’t work. Nothing is their fault and they don’t understand how this could be happening to them.  We had a guest like this last week. I do believe that I am now responsible for the D he got in 6th grade Science because he didn’t see how that was his fault.


Guest: I’m here to check in.

Me: Ok sir, I need your credit card and identification to start checking you in.

Guest: I already paid for the room.

Me: There will still be a resort fee and security deposit to be paid upon check in.

Guest: I booked it on covfefe,com, the resort fee is included and it didn’t say anything about a security deposit. So, I don’t see how this is my problem.

Me: The resort fee might be listed on the site but you pay it here upon check in and the security deposit is mandatory and it is listed on the site and was in your confirmation e-mail.

Guest: That isn’t right and is an infringement of my rights.

Me: What right are we infringing on?

Guest: You are deceitful and I don’t see why I should pay it.

Me: Well sir, if you don’t pay it I can’t check you in.

Guest: Fine but I am going to complain.

Me: Ok sir. We have you in our so-so room in our OK Tower for 3 nights.

Guest: I want the better room in the Nice Tower.

Me: Sir, the room you booked was for a Run of the House room. Tonight those rooms are the so-so rooms in the Ok Tower

Guest: I don’t see how that is my problem.

Me: Well you booked that room so  I am giving you that room.

Guest: Again, your hotel is putting me in a room that I don’t want. That is not a me problem, it is a you problem.

Me: Sir, it’s not a me problem. You are assigned to that room.

Guest: You are not LISTENING to me. I have my wife and son with me and you want us to walk all the way over there to get to the room?

Me: Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Would you like to upgrade to a different room?

Guest: YES!

Me: That will be another $20 per night plus tax.

Guest: So you want to charge me for the room that I should have but don’t have. Again, I don’t see how you can do that.

Me: Well, you are in the room you booked. There is an upgrade fee for the room you want.

Guest: Fine just give me some sort of food comp.

Me: For what?

Guest: Everybody gets some sort of comp. This is Las Vegas, don’t you know anything?

Me: Sir, there is no food comp available.

Guest: Well then, give me the AAA discount.

Me: Sire, you booked on a wholesale website and paid your room cost to them already. We don’t add a discount to a room that is already discounted and already paid for.

Guest: I don’t see how that affects me.

Me: Um, well we can’t discount a room that is paid for.

Guest: This is the worst hotel ever. What am I supposed to do, cancel?

Me: Why would you cancel? You have paid for the room already.

Guest: So I am stuck here.

Me: No sir, you can call the wholesaler and we will refund the last two nights but it is past the cancellation point to cancel tonight without penalty.

Guest: and how is that my fault.

Me: Well you don’t have to cancel. You are here, you have a room that is paid for. We just need the security deposit and resort fee paid.

Guest: Fine just check me into the fleabag and I will find something else tomorrow.

(I gave the guest his keys and surprise, he didn’t cancel and actually extended a day. I guess he “couldn’t see” himself leaving the hotel for something else.)


4 thoughts on “Maybe you need new glasses

  1. Like you said excited all the way haha only once was I probably not in the best of moods when me and the door guy were working with the cabbie because it’s not $30 from the airport to aria and I was on the phone not paying attention to tell him to stick to the streets but I still try not to take it out on others…being mad that you get the room you booked is a nice touch though…some people are just not ever gonna be happy


  2. Hi! I just wanted to say how much I like your blog – please keep it up! As a long-time Vegas fan and regular visitor, I just love hearing your behind the scenes anecdotes.

    I can’t believe the entitlement people feel in Vegas! I have friends who think that they should get a free upgrade to the Rainman suite because they’re gonna spend money at the club. Like everyone else in the club.


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