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Dealing with bigger issues with guests

The customer is always right. We have all heard that phrase but what if the customer isn’t right. I try to make sure every guest, coworker or visitor that I interact with is a positive one. There are just some times that your interaction contradicts what you feel is right or it impacts another person. That’s when you have a decision to make.

It is my belief that everyone is equal in my eyes. My first interaction with you is going to start with a smile and pleasantries and hopefully it ends that way. Most of the time it does. Then there are the other times.

I was getting off dinner break. I usually go for a walk to clear my head and I love to people watch (one of my favorite things to do). I wear an outfit at work that makes it obvious that I work for the hotel and I, occasionally, get stopped and get asked for directions or something about the hotel or casino. I am happy to answer their questions but the other week I was asked a question that I couldn’t believe I was asked.

Dick: Sir, do you work here?

Me: Yes, I do sir. Is there anything I can help you with?

D: Can’t you do anything about that (pointing towards one of our bars)?

Me: About what, sir?

D: The guy at the bar.

(looking over at the bar, I see 3 people sitting over there. Two men watching the basketball game and a woman playing video poker, the men don’t seem to be causing a problem and they are dressed decently)

Me: I don’t see a problem with either of the men. What is going on?

D: Not him, the other one.

Me: What other one?

D: The guy in the dress.

Me: I see a woman in a dress.

D: No, that is a dude, man. Is that what you want around here??

(ok, so we have a person who is offended by a hotel guest based on their sexual orientation. Big admission here, I knew the girl at the bar. I checked her in a couple days ago. Her name is Sarah and she is transgender. She is a sweetheart of a person and is always dressed to the nines. To me, Sarah, is a woman, not a man in a dress and anyone that refers to her as a him, a shim, or a dude in a dress, is offensive to me because it is offensive to her.)

Me: I don’t understand the issue, sir. She does not seem to be bothering anyone. Did she do anything to offend you?

D: Yes, he is wearing a dress. Why are you calling him a she.

Me: Ok, I understand now, sir. Let’s just walk over this way so I can discuss this with you further. Are you a guest here? Are you enjoying your stay?

D: No, I am staying over at XX but yeah, this place is ok.

M: Wonderful to hear. So here is how we can handle this situation. You may notice that I have walked you over to one of our exits. You can use this door to leave or your can stay and stop harassing our guests because I can guarantee that if you do or say anything to that young lady over there, the option of staying here is not going to be an option.

D: What? What did I do, he’s the freak!!

M: No, she is a person, you are an asshole. We like people in our hotel, we don’t like assholes.

(he stormed off and I went back to work. btw, if any of you read this and side with Dick… well I am sorry that you too, are an asshole and please stop reading the blog because well, I want people reading my blog, not assholes.)





6 thoughts on “Dealing with bigger issues with guests

  1. Sounds like you handled that superbly! You were much nicer than I would have been. I cannot understand some peoples thinking and logic.

    Well done!


  2. Well done, sir! You handled that guests “problem” with grace and aplomb, and improved the clientele of your employer at the same time.


  3. Way to go! Perfect “see you later” for a bigot.

    Just out of interest, if he complained to management about how you treated him, would they support you?

    Liked by 1 person

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