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The Vegas HC Top 5 – Part 3

I had a request for Top 5 Las Vegas beers earlier this week and thought I would tie that into a Top 5 bars on Fremont Street. I hope you enjoy.

Top 5 (non-IPA) Las Vegas Beers

I am saying non-IPA because I just don’t care for IPA’s. I have, however, talked with my IPA loving friend and have a only IPA list right below.

  1. Big Baby Porter from Bad Beat Brewery
  2. Watchdog Wit  from Big Dog Draft House
  3. Passion Fruit & Guava Berliner Weiss from Joseph James Brewery
  4. Firedog Smoked Wheat from Big Dog Draft House
  5. Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout by Joseph James Brewery

There are some great beers that I haven’t listed from other Las Vegas beer makers like Lovelady Brewery, Banger Brewery, Tenaya Creek and CraftHaus.


Top 5 IPA Las Vegas Beers

  1. Any Which Way Double IPA by CraftHaus
  2. Hopatomic by Lovelady Brewing
  3. Peace, Love & Hoppyness by Big Dog Draft House
  4. Hoppy Times by Bad Beat Brewing
  5. War Dog Double IPA by Big Dog Draft House


Top 5 Bars on Fremont St.

A little disclaimer. I am not a big fan of hip hop or oontz oontz clubs, when I say bars I mean a bar that you can sit and have a great beer or cocktail, have a little atmosphere and some people watching.

  1. Nacho Daddy – Yes, technically it is off Fremont but the bar staff here are incredible, the drinks are great and the food is delicious.
  2. Don’t Tell Mama – Live entertainment, singer waitstaff, open mic every night
  3. Hennessey’s – Great bartenders and two levels of Fremont people watching, a different drink special each day.
  4. Mickie Finnz – Great people watching place with good food and fishbowl drinks that will get your whole group smashed.
  5. (tie) Whiskey Licker/ Four Queen’s Patio Bar – I placed these together because the main reason I visit either place is for the prime seating to watch the bands on Fremont. The drinks are pretty good too.


Thanks for the continued support and comments. My next blog is going to be based on an interaction with a casino patron as I was coming back from break. A little different from my normal front desk experiences.


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