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I should have made that right turn at Albuquerque

Remember that scene in Vegas Vacation when they are checking in at the Mirage and the front desk clerk gives them the instructions on how to get to their room?  Yes, Las Vegas resorts don’t make things easy when getting to your room. There is a reason for that. They don’t want you in the room. They don’t want you walking the strip or leaving the resort at all.

A responsible front desk clerk will be able to give you specific instructions to your room, the parking lot and any other place in the resort. Most people that are new to Las Vegas or new to a specific resort, usually, have no idea how huge a resort is.  When I was a visitor to this great city I used to frequent the Mirage a fair bit. I liked the layout and I was a fan of the poker room. It wasn’t until my fourth trip that I even realized there were shops in the resort. I just never went by the elevators until I was a guest.

It is that reason why you should listen to us when we give you directions to your room at check-in. Sure you saw the elevators… but are they your elevators? Are you even in the right area of the hotel to get into your room. Tower A might be the opposite end of the hotel than Tower B.

We had such a guest last week. It was a busy night and I checked in these two ladies. I checked them into the 5th floor of Tower B.  They left the front desk and went into the gift shop and I didn’t see them again. That was until one of them came to the front desk all upset that they couldn’t find their room and that the other woman was trapped upstairs.

How do you get trapped upstairs? My mind is trying to go through scenarios on how you get trapped on a floor of the hotel. She begins to explain.

Guest: The keys you gave me did not work in the elevator and they don’t work on the room door either.

Me: Well, how did you get to the 5th floor if your keys didn’t work.

Guest: Well, when we got to the elevators over there (points off to the left), there was someone going to the 5th floor so we got on with him.

Me: but those aren’t your elevators. I told you to go to the left and you would find your elevators. That’s why the keys didn’t work in the elevator.

Guest: Well how was I to know that those elevators wouldn’t go to my room.

Me: Well, that is why I gave you instructions on how to get to your room.

Guest: Well, what are you going to do about my friend who is stuck on the 5th floor.

Me: She can take the elevator down to the main floor like you did can’t she?

Guest: I didn’t take the elevator down because you gave me the wrong keys. I took the stairs.

Me: Ok, again, I did not give you the wrong keys. You took the wrong elevator but either way you don’t need the keys to get down to the lobby.

Guest: I didn’t know that so we went through the emergency exit and got to the stairs. I walked down but my friend can’t do stairs.

Me: So she can’t do stairs but you went into the stairwell?

Guest: Yes, and now she can’t get back onto the floor because it locked behind us.  I need you to go get here and we want some sort of refund for the inconvenience.

Me: I can call security and they can get her back on the 5th floor and escort her back here but I can’t give you a discount. I am sorry you went to the wrong elevator but I did give you the correct directions.

Guest: Well, who puts hotel rooms in different locations?

Me: Ma’am, a lot of hotels do this and that is why we have these instructions. Now, let me get security to help out and get your friend back here to you.

(I call security and then before I can look up, she is gone.  She is heading the wrong way again.  Security “rescued” her friend and then 2 hours later they showed up to complain to the supervisor. Of course, by that time, we all knew the story and gone through the head shaking and confusion of the whole situation.  They got so upset about not getting a discount they left the hotel. The still got charged for the night and apparently paid for a different hotel. I don’t know if it was embarrassment or they were that delusional but we never saw them again)





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