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I smell a rant

We are all different people and we have different habits and do different things. I understand that but please let’s be respectful of the people we interact with on a daily basis.

Over the last few weeks, I have ran into some situations that have made it very difficult to interact with my guests.

There was the guest that smelled so bad of body odor that spraying my uniform and using a body spray I could still smell the body odor… 3 hours later. If you haven’t bathed in, oh I don’t know, a week, maybe you should shower before checking into a hotel… or go out in public.

Hey, its Las Vegas!! Alright, party time… but you over did it a little bit tonight didn’t you. You realize that you need a room because you don’t want to drive anywhere. Good for you. Maybe you came to that conclusion because your friends told you. Maybe you came to that conclusion because you just puked your guts out. Yep, that has to be it. I just ask one thing, breath mint before checking in at the front desk. Puke breath is not something I want in my personal space.

Chewing tobacco. I have never understood this and I never will but to each his own. Last night, a guest walked up and was chewing and holding a spit cup. This is wrong and the reason it is wrong is that it is WRONG!

You get off the plane, you get the rental car and it’s a stop off at In & Out for a Double Double Animal Style. I get it. As Samuel L. Jackson once said, “That is a tasty burger”. Time to check into the hotel but that burger is just sitting in that bag getting cold. Do not do what the guest from a couple weeks ago did and start eating that burger in front of me while I am checking you in.

While we are on the topic of food. You may think you are doing something special for us by giving us your leftover pizza or tacos as you walk by the front desk after dinner but… No, just no!

Finally, checking you in is a one on one interaction. It goes very smoothy if it stays one on one. Put the phone down. I don’t want to compete with whomever is on the phone with you. I can’t compete with the guys that are yelling at you from across the atrium or the bar. If you need input from your wife, have her come to the desk and we can all have a conversation. I have, literally, stood there for 3 minutes trying to ask a guest a question or give them information while they talk on the phone and even give me the one finger, just a minute motion.

Thank you, I feel so much better. Now, I better go shower because I think I still smell that guest on me.


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