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Front desk clerk… there’s a fly in my soup

In life there are problems. There are solutions. There are specialists that provide solutions. If your toilet is overflowing, you call the plumber not the cable guy. If you have a cavity you don’t call your lawyer, you call the dentist. Pretty simple, right? Not always as I found out today.

It was a quiet night, weirdly quiet. My shift was almost going too smoothly. It’s a slow week in Las Vegas. Literally, nothing of substance going on. It was one of those nights when you just stare at the clock on the computer screen and you swear it is going backwards and how could it only be 9pm. Then they arrived at my station, the Ed and Edith Goumet.

EG: We have a big problem and we need to be compensated for it. This is unacceptable.

Me: Oh, well I am sorry that something has gone wrong and you are upset. Please tell me what is going on.

EG: We just got done eating at ABC restaurant and it was a horrible experience. First, we had to wait to be seated and the restaurant was half empty. Then the appetizer was not hot. The waiter didn’t even say anything when we didn’t eat it.

Me: Did you say anything to the waiter.

EG: Why should we? Shouldn’t he know there is an issue if we only ate half?

Me: Ok, well did you talk to a manager?

EG: Oh wait, there is more. My pasta was way too peppery and my husband’s steak was overcooked. He could barely finish it and I had to drink four glasses of water to finish my food.

Me: So what did the manager say when you talked to him?

EG: We didn’t talk to him, we are talking to you. We charged the meal to the room. You gave us this room so you need to take the meal off the room?

Me: Ok, I am a little confused here. You have a bad meal at the restaurant, a meal you ate most of and did not talk to the restaurant manager about any of your concerns?

EG: Right, how are they going to give us the right compensation?

Me: Well, wouldn’t getting the meal taken off your charge or reducing the cost of the meal be the right compensation?

EG: That isn’t nearly enough. We want a free night!

Me: You want a free night because you had a bad meal that you ate at one of our restaurants even though there is nothing wrong with your room.  Ma’am, I am sorry you were upset with the meal and I would be happy to call the restaurant manager and have him talk to you about your concerns but I can’t comp your room tonight.

EG: I don’t understand we have a problem with the hotel. When that happens you get your room comped.

Me: No, you have a problem with the restaurant. You have no issue with the hotel. Would you like me to call the restaurant for you?

EG: Well you are absolutely no help what so ever. I don’t even know why we came here?!?!

(the guests storm off and I don’t even know if they went back to the restaurant but I do agree with their last point. I don’t know why they came to the front desk either.)



2 thoughts on “Front desk clerk… there’s a fly in my soup

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that there is an uptick in this kind of behavior because of all the really “helpful” websites, FB pages, message boards and forum sites that offer advice on how to get something for free. I’m actually quite surprised that they didn’t say, “I plan to say bad things about your hotel on Trip Advisor or Yelp.” That’s my favorite threat. I love the “half-eaten” appetizer and the husband “could barely finish” his steak. Great job so far with the blog. Looking forward to more!


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