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The Answer Man

We have a regular guest at the hotel. He is a high tier player and stays with us at least once a month, usually, for 3 nights. We do not enjoy checking in the guest but as a big gambler we have to make sure everything is right. The reason we don’t like checking in this guest or dealing with him, in general, is that he never listens to what we are saying. To top it off, most of the time, he answers his own questions.

As a front desk clerk, I am always looking at the check in line. Who is going to be the easy check in? Who is going to be a pain in the ass? Who is going to be fun? Who is already pissed off? It is a skill that not every one has. There is one of the clerks that is like a magnet to the bad guest. I feel so bad, she must feel like she has been tortured by the end of her shift. There are some guests that we all know and we will barter with each other to not have them. I also look at the incoming guests list at the beginning of my shift to see potential problems. The Answer Man, although not a very difficult guest, is my albatross. I will buy one of the clerks a drink or a snack if they take him. It doesn’t always work.

Here is a summary of situations that I have had with the Answer Man.

Me: Hello sir, welcome back.

AM: Yeah, do you have me on XX floor at the end of the hall?

Me: I have y…

AM: Well you’ve checked me in before so you know.

Me: Yes sir.

AM: Is Host A or B on shift right now?

Me: I believe that Ho….

AM: Doesn’t matter, I’ll deal with that later.

Me: Ok, sir.

AM: Last time, there were some loud noise on that floor. Is anyone checked in next to me?

Me: Let me check, sir. Would you like a diff…

AM: Well, you never know how the next room is going to be. As far as the food comp. That is $XXX, right?

Me: You have…

AM: Well, why wouldn’t it be. Do they still have that fish dish in the XYZ Restaurant.

Me: The salmon or the trou…

AM: Why would you know, you just work the front desk. I will just go over to the restaurant and ask.

(just so you, the reader, knows. They took the trout dish off the menu but still have the salmon. I know more than just how to check in a guest)

Me: Ok, just need to take care of the deposit and we can get you to your room.

AM: Ok, how much is it this time?

Me: Sa…

AM: Well, of course, it is $XXX. It always is.

Me: Here are your keys, sir. Hope you have a great stay.

AM: Yeah, well, we will have to see how the dealers are this time.

(I imagine him correct the craps dealers on how to hold the stick and arguing with the roulette dealer on whether red is actually red or just a lighter shade of black)

Oh, and yes, this is pretty much the same conversation every time he checks in. When I ask the morning clerks how he is at check out they start to shake and walk away from me. Apparently, I get off easy.



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