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Don’t worry, don’t be happy??

My job description is pretty simple. Check people in, check people out, answer phones, provide answers and take reservations on occasion. I think my goals are fairly simple, as well. Just put a smile on someone’s face.

I find the easiest way to put a smile on someone’s face is to start with a smile on my face. It’s hard to make someone happy if you aren’t at least showing a positive attitude. So, when you walk up to me I am smiling. I am conversational. I am in a good mood. I am here to help you… and I don’t apologize for that. Well, that was until a few weeks ago.

Two older ladies walk up to me to check in. Now, I am on a roll at this point. I have checked in everyone on my shift without a single issue. I am pumped up. I have a little bounce in my step and I have a big smile pasted on my face.

The check in is going great. A little conversation and we are on our way. Then one of the ladies says this…

Guest: Are you always this cheery?

Me: Absolutely. I love this job and love interacting with people such as yourself.

Guest: Is your wife ok with how “happy” you are?

Me: Um… yes. Why wouldn’t she?

Guest: it’s a little too much for me.

Me: Oh… well I… guess, I am sorry about that.

(at this point, her friend is looking at her like she is crazy and looking back at me as to apologize for her friend. At this point, I realize that I am not going to have much luck with this guest but I still have her friend on the hook)

Me: Well I can definitely take it down a few notches if that makes you more comfortable.

Guest: That would be appreciated.

Me: Ok, well welcome to the XYZ Hotel. I hope your trip here was average. I will get you checked in shortly and I hope your experience here will be slightly more than pleasant.

(now she is looking at me like I am crazy but her friend is stifling a giggle)

Me: Since, you are not big on drastic displays of emotion I have put you in one of our slightly average rooms that won’t overly excite you. You do have a great view of the city… and an air conditioning unit. Here are your keys, please try to enjoy your stay but not too much.


Yeah, sometimes I can be an asshole, sometimes I can be sarcastic, but you will never take away my enjoyment about what I do. Plus, I did make one of the guests smile and I was still smiling and as Meatloaf once said, two of of three ain’t bad.


One thought on “Don’t worry, don’t be happy??

  1. I loved this post! I read your blogs fairly often and you’re always developing great stuff.

    I shared this on my facebook and my follwers loved it!
    Keep up the nice work.


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