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The Guest Complaint Conundrum

As you can imagine I get complaints from guests a few times a shift. Not everyone can be happy with everything. Some are legitimate like “My toilet is clogged”. Some are not so easy to solve, “This is supposed to be the desert, why has it been raining all day?”

Then there are some that you try to solve to help out the guest without upsetting another guest and really don’t get the complaint itself. That takes us to last night.

Some of the most common complaints are noise complaints. Rowdy parties, couples that are having fights, kids running in the halls, etc… In other words, shit is happening and someone is upset that shit is happening. Cue last night.

I get a call at the front desk.

Guest: Yeah, there is a bunch of noise coming from next door and I am trying to get some sleep. Can you do anything about it?

Me: I will do my best to help, sir. Which room is the noise coming from?

(he tells me the room and I look up who is in that room. I immediately recognize the name because I checked the couple in a couple hours ago. It is a couple in their 70’s that are celebrating their wedding anniversary. My immediate reaction is sadness that this couple is fighting and their anniversary is not going well.)

Me: Ok sir, are they fighting or is it a party situation?

Guest: They are having very loud sex and it is keeping me awake!

Me: um… well sir… I am sure that things will quiet down soon.

Guest: It has been going on for an hour!

(at this point I have this smile on my face. I don’t want to send security up to the room. I personally want to bring up champagne and give the couple a standing ovation and a 21 gun salute!)

Me: Sir, would you like to move rooms?

Guest: I am already in bed. So you are not going to tell them to stop?

Me: Sir, I… um… you understand that this is a delicate situation. I am sorry that you are having problems sleeping. I will see what I can do.

Guest: Thank you, that is all I am asking!

(I did absolutely nothing. The guest never called down again so I am assuming things quieted down next door. I am glad that the anniversary couple had a great night but I don’t think I will ever look at that couple again without a ridiculous smile on my face.)


Thanks again for all the comments and likes. I am truly flabbergasted with this response.

I am working on putting together an entry on issues that guests have with front desk employees and the check in/out process that you have experienced. Good and bad.

I think it will be an interesting dialogue and it will probably help me in my own job which is something I am always striving for.

Please comment below or send me an e-mail or twitter response and I will compile everything over the next week or so.


4 thoughts on “The Guest Complaint Conundrum

  1. Thank you for the blog — enjoying so far. Question: where is the line where you will ‘make the call’ given a room / i cannot rest noise complaint? I get it, I think. One one hand, you are in Las Vegas, on the other hand, you are in a hotel. I’ve never had to call in Las Vegas. Thoughts?


    • It’s not so much that it is Las Vegas. It is more the cause and length of the disturbance. If it is a bunch of people having a party then security is called. People having sex… Not so much. Now if it is a multiple complaint then we act on it for sure. It is really a judgement call.


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