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How much does your self respect cost?

First off, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank two podcasts, Five Hundy by Midnight (@fivehundy) and Vegas Fan Boy (@vegasfanboy) for spreading the news of this blog. I am completely shocked and pleased with the new found friends over the last couple days. Please check these guys out and another shout out to a Facebook group called Everything Vegas. They have a ton of great information and people. Let them know I sent you.  Thank you all for visiting this blog. You actually brought me to tears with the response.

Onto the blog.

So you are in Vegas and you want to have a great time, I get that. You want to party and have fun, gotcha. Vegas can be an expensive town, yeah I know, I live here.

Ok, so you get off the plane. You can’t wait to get your drink on. Drinks on Fremont can be pricy. Drinks on the strip are even worse. Free drinks while gambling… well, we all know that drink service isn’t what it used to be. So we now need a pregame plan.

Liquor store stop… check.  Hotel room… check.  Ice bucket… check.  Wait, that ice is going to be melted by the time you get back from the night out. A fridge, yes, a fridge in the room. That will solve all the problems!  Now, who can get me a fridge?  Oh, that front desk guy downstairs. He can get me a fridge… but there is no way I am paying $10 for a fridge. Why should I pay for a fridge. I deserve a fridge. I’m on vacation!

So comes the tale of little Ms. Thang.

MsThang was out picking up snack supplies when she comes to the front desk.

MT: Hey there good looking. I was wondering if you could put a fridge in my room.

Me: Well sure, that is going to be $10 per day.

MT: Oh, but you see, I am diabetic and need to store my medicine.

(ok, so yes, people sometime need to store medicine in a fridge. I know that. I also know that most diabetics don’t wait 8 hours after check in to request a fridge and they also don’t have two bags of soda, beer, chips, chocolate bars and cookies.)

MT: Isn’t there a way for me to get a fridge?

(she now has plopped her boobs onto my work area and is stroking my arm)

MT: You must drive the girls crazy around here. Maybe would could hang out later.

(ok, I am not going to lie. Flattery is nice but I am probably twice her age, I am married and I have already seen her boyfriend. Not a good plan, solid B+ for effort but your self esteem is now at a zero. You now have the great Vegas story of trying to seduce a front desk clerk to get a $10 fridge so your Busch Light will be cold… here’s a tip. Busch Light tastes like crap whether its cold or not. Sorry Busch drinkers.)

Me: I don’t think my wife would appreciate that. As long as you need it for medicine and understand what we have talked about then I can order you a fridge.

MT: Oh yes, sexy. That is perfect.

(yep, clearly is not listening to anything I am saying)

Me: Ok, I will have one sent right up.

(she walked away all happy and I turned around and charged her the $30 for the three nights of fridge rental… yep, I am an asshole sometimes but in my defense, I did have to clean the boob marks off my computer screen.)








9 thoughts on “How much does your self respect cost?

  1. I love your blog! The only way it could be better is if you started longer ago.

    I’m so happy unto have found it thanks to Five Hundy by Midnight.

    Is it possible that your shoutout is actually to the Everything Las Vegas FB group?

    Thanks and keep doing what you’re doing!


  2. I have just discovered your blog and love it, I don’t normally read blogs but yours has had me laughing, face-palming and wondering why in just a few hours. It’s unbelievable how some people will behave just because they are on there holidays.

    I’m going to Vegas in August for my birthday for the first time and can not wait to experience check in in Vegas. Your blog has given me a few tips and things to do (and not do!) so thank you.

    Keep the posts coming!

    Thank you.


  3. So glad I followed the link posted on Everything Las Vegas. Great fun and informative. Looking forward to more stories and tips.


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