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…and that is why I do my job!

There are a lot of reasons why people do the job that they do. I want to make people smile. I want their day to be better because they interacted with me.  I hope that most of the time, that is what happens.

Last night was Cinco de Mayo and with holidays like that and St. Patrick’s Day you tend to get guests who can be drunk and a little beligerent, Thankfully, last night was not like that (although, apparently, things were different outside as I saw police pulling cars over the whole trip home).

It was near the end of my shift and I had just dealt with a handful of a guest when I met Barry and Star. They walked up to the desk and I greeted them with a smile and said, “I promise that your check in will be smoother that the last one.”  The both looked at me and apologized for how rough I was treated…. wow, a people apologizing to me for how another person treated me. That is a rarity.

So I start the check in process and Star says, “I am so excited!!”

I love an opening like that to start a conversation with the guest while I check them in.

So I ask her why she is so excited.

Well, she has just turned 21 and they have been saving for over a year to come celebrate her birthday in Las Vegas. She goes on how they gave up so many things back home over the last year to make this come true. You can see that these two really love each other. They have all these coupons and discounts saved up. I know at that point I am not getting a tip from these guests but that’s not why I do the job. This couple needs something special.

I look at them and tell them that in all good conscience I can not check them into the room they reserved. They are getting upgraded to a better room class. They ask why and I explain to them that a young couple in Vegas for the first time and the sacrifices they made deserve a special room.

Well, Star is practically in tears, she is so overwhelmed that this is happening. They are offering to buy me a drink. They are saying if you are even in (their home town) we are buying me dinner. I love this. This has made my day. They tell me that I have made their trip so much better than they could imagine and they haven’t even seen the room yet.

… and that is why I do my job.



11 thoughts on “…and that is why I do my job!

  1. Great blog posts. As someone said long time ago far far away, “We will watch your career with gteat interest.” FYI, this blog was made known in a facebook group for a popular Vegas podcast. You may see a moderate spike in readership.


  2. Hey, great job on this blog. I read all your entries and enjoyed them all. Keep up the effort and I’ll keep coming back for more. Love the stories and your perspective on life in Vegas.


  3. FDC, I found out about you on Five Hundy. The Everything Las Vegas FB page gave you a shout out earlier today so you may see another spike. I’m sharing with all my hotel peeps in San Diego and I shared it with a friend of mine who is a bellman at Bellagio. You speak the truth. We love it!


  4. I was a paralegal for 20 years in the Midwest and then we moved to LV our favorite vacation spot when cancer hit. Once over that the hotel we always stayed at suggested I apply for a front desk job because of my enthusiasm and love for LV. Wow, a dream come true. I was older than most agents and training on hotel software was very difficult for me, I can do law briefs but this was hard. I told my trainer I couldn’t continue. She told me I had one thing the others in my class didn’t, and it isn’t something you learn, it is being able to communicate with strangers and be enthusiastic. She said the technical stuff would come with practice, I had the personality so I would be fine. 12 years later and I have retired.
    I love your blog. I loved my job so much but after awhile I got burned out. Kudos to you for your ability to find the positive and humor in your job. I still meet up with guests I had checked in from around the world and the little trinkets they would bring me after taking a suggestion of something special to do, hanging on my Christmas tree. (Shoe keychain from Grand Canyon skywalk one of my favorites).

    This got too long but want you to know I enjoy your blog so much and the walk down memory lane from the front desk.

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