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No room at the Inn

I was going to write about a guest that I had tonight but the wounds are still way too fresh to deal with. I am trying to get in a good mood on my day off and dealing with this piece of work would bring me down. Save this one for another day.

So this blog is about a variety of guests over this weekend.

Anyone ever travel to Las Vegas and not have a room booked??

Not a great idea.

Traveling to Las Vegas on a weekend in April with conventions, concert festivals, pool season and the last weekend of Nevada Spring break with no reservation??


Of course, since I hadn’t written this blog and not a lot of people have read it anyway we had people calling in and showing up without reservations and, of course, we were sold out Thursday through Saturday. Let’s do the drop-ins first.

NoRes: I am checking in.

Me: Ok, I will need your ID and credit card. (guest hands me the cards), I don’t see your reservation, is it under a different name.

NoRes: Oh, I don’t have a reservation.

Me: Oh, well sir, we are sold out.

NoRes: Nothing?

Me: Completely sold out.

NoRes: So nothing?

Me: No, we have been sold out for a couple days.

NoRes: … what if I book online?

Me: Sir, we have no rooms. You won’t find anything online either.

NoRes: Ok thanks, I will go try Expedia.  (smh)

NoRes2: I’d like a room?

Me: Sorry we are sold out

NoRes2: What does that mean?

Me: We have no room available for tonight, we are sold out

NoRes2: How is that possible?

Me: Umm, well we have reservations for all our rooms.

NoRes2: So you are telling me everyone is checked in?

Me: Well no, we still have some to check in.

NoRes2: So I am here, give me their room.

Me: I can’t do that. How would you feel if I gave your reservation away?

NoRes2: but I don’t have a reservation.

(banging my head against the desk now)

How about a couple phone calls…

NoRes3: Hi, do you have any rooms available tonight?

Me: Sorry, we are sold out?

NoRes3: Oh, so you want me to sleep in my car. What an asshole!! (click)

NoRes4: Yo, got any rooms?

Me: Sorry, we are sold out?

NoRes4: Well, if I show up to the hotel, you gotta get me a room, right?

Me: No sir, we do not have any availability.

NoRes4: What kind of service is that. This is bullshit!! (click)

NoRes5: Could you transfer me to reservations, please.

Me: Ma’am, I can take your reservation.

NoRes5: Ok, I would like a room for tonight.

Me: Oh, I am sorry but we are sold out.

NoRes5: Then why did you say you could make a reservation?

Me: Well, I can make reservations for other nights.

NoRes5: but I don’t need a reservation for another night, are you stupid?

Me: Yes ma’am, it’s a permanent condition. (click)

NoRes6: I need a room for tonight.

Me: Sorry we are sold out.

NoRes6: Do you know of anybody who has rooms?

Me: Well, you could try hotel X or hotel Y. They tend to have some rooms on busy nights sometimes but their rates are higher. You could also try Expedia or other websites.

NoRes6: Could you do that for me I am kind of busy.

Me: I am at work, sir.

NoRes6: Right, so could you “work” on that?

Me: No sir, I can’t.

NoRes6: You ain’t nothing but a bitch. (click)

That was 6 out of probably 22 situations just on one of our weekend nights. Oh the joys 🙂

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3 thoughts on “No room at the Inn

  1. Perfect! I work in a 1,000 room hotel in San Diego and the number of idiots who come into town without reservations on a summer weekend (our high season) is staggering. Same stupid stuff. They’re angry with me because we are sold out. One of the questions I get is, “Well, what if people cancel?” “It’s too late for them to cancel.” “But what if they do?” “Then, we charge them.” “Can’t you sell me their room?” “No.”


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