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There’s a right way and a wrong way

People approach a Vegas vacation many different ways. Some people are coming for the variety of great restaurants, some are coming for the gambling, some are coming for the night clubs and some are coming just to escape their day to day life. Most are some combination of all or most of those. A bad start to a vacation can stick with you and potentially ruin the whole trip.

So let’s run through some potential pitfalls.

  • Flight is delayed or cancelled
  • Luggage is lost
  • Rough weather during the flight
  • Bad service on the plane
  • Long check in line

Some of these are complete disasters, some of them need to be overcome before it eats you up inside.

That brings us to Mary who is coming to Vegas for a wedding. She is the maid of honor for her sister’s wedding. When Mary woke up on a Thursday morning she was full of excitement. She would be flying to Vegas for the first time to attend the bachelorette party on Friday and the wedding on Saturday (side note, bachelor or bachelorette parties the night before a wedding aren’t really a good idea for a successful wedding).

Mary arrives at the airport and her flight is delayed by 3 hours due to weather. The rest of the bridal party is coming from another part of the country and will arrive before her but she still has a day before the festivities. So what to do with a delay of 3 hours? Well, one thing you can do is get the vacation started early and belly up to the airport bar.

One drink becomes two becomes three and, well you get the idea. She boards the plane and it is a rough flight. How do you handle those jitters? Well, lets have a couple more drinks. The plane finally arrives in Vegas and Mary makes her way to the baggage carousel. No, her luggage wasn’t missing. If that had happened, I wouldn’t blame you for not believing this story.

Mary waits in the taxi line and after a bit of a wait she gets into the cab and tells the driver to take her to X resort. She is obviously wobbly and it is unknown whether the cabbie long hauled her but she makes it to X resort. She approaches the front desk and things are looking up. There is a very short line.

I call her up to the desk to check in. She is fumbling for her identification and is having problems finding her credit card and her bags spill to the floor. Her voice is slurred and it is hard to understand her but she is definitely flustered. I look up her name in the computer under arrivals. Nothing. I look under reservations to see if it had accidentally been cancelled or for a different date (it happens). Nothing. I ask her for a confirmation number. She grabs her phone and starts searching her e-mails. She is now getting more upset. She explains about the wedding and her sister is here. I look to find her sister’s name. No dice.

Now the tears are starting and the hysterics are in full bloom. This is not a good situation. Security is now starting to circle. Management is looking. She is screaming about how horrible this day has been and now I am making it worse. I am the worst person in the world, I am mean and the Y Resort is the worst hotel in the world…. The Y was not a typo. For the last 15 minutes, our drunk maid of honor has been at the wrong hotel. She told the taxi driver the wrong location. You would thing that now that we have the problem solved that things would be easier but now she is embarrassed and mortified. The hysterics continue.

We eventually got her in another cab and delivered her to the right hotel where her sister would meet her in the lobby. Hopefully she decided to stay sober the rest of the weekend and the wedding went off without a hitch. Moral of the story, know when to say no and know where you are actually staying.




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