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Do you know who I am?

I get this one a lot. Most of the time leading up to that question, I don’t know who you are but once I hear that question, I know exactly who you are. You are now the pain in the ass that is going to make my life a misery until you leave the front desk and it will probably take 4 times as long as a normal check in.

Here is something that everyone should know when checking in to a Las Vegas resort. If you are a VIP, we will know you are a VIP, It will be listed in the reservation or we will see it once we enter your identification in the system. Most of the time we know you are arriving before you arrive.

Now, if you think you are a VIP and are not one, we can figure that out too. You act like a douche from the time you get in line to check in. You don’t want to be around the others waiting in line, you want the best suite and everything comped. By the time you get to me, you are already started with the attitude.

Let’s talk about Mr. Ronald Crump who showed up earlier this year. He strolls up to the desk with the Mr. T jewelry starter kit and just stares at me.

Front desk: Checking in, sir?

RC: Why else would I be here?

FD: (oh yay!), I will need to see you ID and a credit card please.

RC: You don’t know who I am? I know Executive #1, Executive #2 and Executive #3. Do you know them?

FD: Yes sir, the first two sign my paycheck and the other one hired me, but I still don’t know you and I need those items to check you in.

(throws driver’s license at me).

FD: Welcome to the X Resort, Mr. Crump. I see you are with us for 3 nights. The cost of your stay after deposit will be $XXX. I will still need a credit card to put on file.

RC: It’s comped.

FD: Sorry sir, there is no information on the reservation that this is comped. Who did you get that information from?

RC: Well, it will be comped with all the money I spend here.

FD: Ok, well in the meantime I still need a credit card to check you in.

RC: Do you know how much I make in a year? I make $$$$$$.

FD: Well sir, I make $, now that we know our tax brackets, could you please give me a credit card to put on file.

RC: (throws credit card at me) I want a suite.

FD: Your reservation is for X type room, for a suite, it will be an extra $$$ for the stay.

RC: this is ridiculous. Just give me my keys. You will be lucky to have a job by the time I check out.

FD: Here are your keys sir, here are the directions to your room.


Over the next three days, he amassed a whole $5.76 in comps, we charged the credit card. The reason he knows those executives is because he got banned several years ago and was just let back in last year… oh, and I still have that job.



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